The main objective of any professional SEO campaign from a local agency is to increase website traffic (visitors to a website). Businesses that receive targeted traffic to a chosen web page can get an increase in business enquiries and sales. The underlying objective of increasing visitor traffic is ultimately to increase sales in either products or sales enquiries.

The type of customer that clicks on an organic page listing in Google is generally of high quality. We are not saying that Google’s Ad’s platform isn’t good, on the contrary, it’s another great source of visitor traffic but organic traffic tends to be higher in quality and more likely to turn into sales and business enquiries.

SEO for commercial keywords can take some time to produce results. It’s definitely more of a long-term plan investment that can continue to provide opportunities for years on end.

So what happens when you’ve invested money and time to improve your position in Google but it does not increase your sales?

The wait for results may have really tested your patience, caused you at times to pull out your hair and now you’ve finally got to the promised land, you see no visible benefit.

Many people refer to organic traffic as ‘free traffic’ but that’s not really the case. There’s usually an investment in an external SEO agency that understands and can navigate the complexities of SEO.

Most business owners believe that if they just get more people to their website, that alone will be enough to produce more sales. This is part of the reason why there is so much disappointment and bad-mouthing of SEO.

The trouble is that they’re focusing on the wrong thing. They’re blaming the wrong cause.

Effective digital marketing requires that the page you send any types of traffic, to convert a high percentage of those visitors into sales.

Why wait for 9 to 12 months for SEO to blossom only to realise that your web page will not convert visitors to sales?

What we do at Search Exclusive before we begin the heavy lifting of SEO is to set up a test Google Ads campaign. This allows us to build a targeted Ad campaign around the keywords we will use in the SEO campaign. We can then capture, monitor and analyse the visitor traffic to see how it responds to visitor traffic. Once we have a baseline percentage of conversions, we can make adjustments to improve that percentage.

When SEO finally comes into fruition months down the line, we can be fairly confident that the increase in traffic will result in an increase in sales.