Before we get into any in-depth keyword research, ii’s good to first get an understanding of the keyword research basics from someone with years of experience in search engine optimisation.

The Definition of Keyword Research

The basics of keyword research are simply using specific tools to query Google’s database to find out exactly what consumers are typing in order to find your products or services. Once you have a good understanding of what potential customers are searching for, you can group similar or related keywords together and theme a piece of content around them.

Any web page that has commercial intent needs to be optimised for a given set of keywords if you want the page to be eligible to show for those very same queries. It is keyword research that enables us to discover those keywords. The major search engines need to understand first what your page is about. If they cannot determine the intention of a web page then they can’t rank it within a specific category.

It is good keyword theming that clearly shows the search engine what category the page should be placed in. There is a lot more to SEO than this but without this, there can not be a successful SEO campaign.

The Different Types of Keyword

We can optimise a website for different types of keyword. We do not need to focus on just the keyword that is service or product-focused. There are different stages in the buying cycle. Not everyone is ready to buy straight away. Consumers will have many questions before they are ready to purchase or commit. If you can write content that answers these questions and the content can be found with a keyword search, then you can help consumers move further along the buying cycle.

When you conduct a Google search (using a keyword), you can often see some of the questions related to that query that people are asking.

Good in-depth keyword research, a technically efficient website with relevant and trusted backlinks are really the main ingredients to good search engine optimisation. Without good keyword research and the appropriate keyword mapping, the latter is irrelevant.

The first phase in any good keyword research process is to just sit down with a pen and paper and write a list of what it is you do and what you are called. This is applicable if you’re a service-based business.

If you sell products, you will have product names, product categories and also questions that people may ask with your product or service being the logical answer. If they did not know the product names that you sell, what would they search for? If they had a problem your product or service solves what would they search for?

Do this before you start using any keyword research tools and we’ll cover some of the most popular keyword research tools at another date.