You’ve been running your bricks and mortar business for many years now and you’ve enjoyed a lot of success. Now you want to move things online. You’ve heard about search engines like Google and that digital marketing is where you need to take your business.

Now you don’t need to go all out with your digital marketing. There is of course many things you can do but our recommendations are for you to focus on a couple at a time. You don’t need to deploy responsive landing page funnels with upsells, downsells and exit pops. Those things are all helpful but they are not what we’ll be discussing today.

Video Marketing – With Youtube itself being one of the biggest platforms in terms of audience size, its really one you shouldn’t be missing out on. If you decide to create a YouTube channel and record some helpful videos it can really improve your brand awareness as well as help you sell your own products and services. A well optimised YouTube video can also appear high in Google search engine bringing you more eyeballs on your videos and content.

Marketing with email – The process starts with an offer on a webpage in order to have a prospect give you their email address. This offer could be some free information, a consultation or just a subscribe to your newsletter. Once someone enters in their email they are added to a mailing database or what we often call an autoresponder. An autoresponder allows us to write a series of emails and then have those emails delivered after a certain number of days of them signing up for your offer. You can also send broadcast emails to your entire database if you have a specific offer you would like to put in front of your audience. If you post content regularly on your website or blog you can also ping out an update email notifying your audience and give them a link to your new article.

Email marketing can be a fantastic way of building a long term relationship with your audience and also selling your products and services over the long run.

Paid Advertising – This can be a really quick way for you to get yourself in front of your audience. The two most common paid advertising platforms are Google and Facebook. Although its quick to get in front of your audience there is a learning curve in setting up your campaigns the right way so that they don’t lose money as soon as they are turned on. There is also on going optimisation and management needed to get the biggest return from your investment. Understand that paid advertising campaigns rarely work straight away.

These are three great digital marketing strategies that will serve you well!