If you are serious about the long term success of your business then organic search engine traffic has got to be one of your longer-term strategies. Many SEO campaigns can take a long time to start paying back. With SEO in some markets taking up to 18 months to come to fruition many businesses just don’t have the patience or the investment to make it happen.

So why so long and is it really worth the wait?

The Long-Term Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

The answer is … it depends.

The reason we say that is it depends on how much traffic is available to you and your business market. This can easily be found by using keyword research tools such as those at ahrefs.com or using the keyword planner at ads.google.co.uk.

These tools will allow you to perform keyword research so you can build keyword lists for all of your pages. The keyword research tools will give you an approximate number of searches performed each month for each keyword. Knowing this will give you an idea of the organic traffic available for your business.

The Amount of Website that Actually Get Visitor Traffic

Did you know that only 1.2% of web pages on the Internet are actually getting traffic? That’s such a small amount of web pages that are taking advantage of search engine traffic.

If you are a business owner you are likely to understand that concept of building assets. Other traffic sources such as Google and Facebook paid traffic can be very effective. The only issue with paid traffic is after you stop throwing money at it, you are left with no ongoing asset working in your business.

With SEO, once you have reached positions that bring you in traffic than the website that you own becomes your asset that’s generating sales or enquiries 24/7. Even while you sleep your website is working for you.

We think that is well worth the wait. How many of your current business development strategies can do this?

Organic search traffic is sustainable and long-lasting if done correctly.

Let’s say you are a garden designer and your average project value is £20k. You invest in SEO services for £2k a month and takes you and your SEO team 18 months to achieve your organic traffic goals. So you spend £36k.

You only need two average garden design projects to more than cover your investment. From there every other project won has higher profit margins are there are no marketing costs or acquisition costs included!

Hopefully, now you get a gist of the awesome power of what organic search traffic can do for your business!