When a business reaches a point where the owner realises  he needs to take the business to the next level using online digital marketing strategies, a budget assessment needs to be made. Not every business is going to have a huge monthly budget required to properly engage in the services of a digital marketing agency.

The budget you have is of course going to dictate what you are going to be able to do in terms of marketing your business online.

In this post we are going to give you some ideas that you can use to market your business with a small budget. This will require more time on your behalf if you are not hiring the the expertise externally.

So how can you get your business out there and in front of more people?

You are most likely very knowledgable in the subject that your business is built around. Therefore it probably wouldn’t be a lot of effort for you to write blog posts similar to this one and post them on your blog or website. Now having said that, you don’t want to just pick a topic and write about it. This needs to be done in a strategic way. What is the point of writing a post or a guide that is comprehensive and detailed if nobody is going to find it and read it?

The content you write should be based around your business goals. Not only that but it needs to also take into consideration your sales process – the process that people go through to become a client or customer.

The way that you will do this is to write a list of subjects and topics you could write about. Then use the free 7 day trial at ahrefs.com to find keywords that are related to that subject matter. You may end up with a good sized group of keywords that are relevant to that subject. Writing your post around different subjects that take into considerations keywords that are relevant, will give the content a better chance of  being found by your target market and actually read. People are more likely to start their journey along your sales process if you can get them to start at point one.

So please don’t just write about random subjects. Incorporate your blog posts with keywords so you have a targeted approach that falls in line with your business goals.