You’ve just had a brand spanking new website built for your business that is seo ready. Way to go! You’ve settled the bill with your web development company, they’ve thanked you for your business and rode off into the sunset. Cool, so now you have a great looking website thats gathering dust on the Internet.

Nobody is finding your website and you feel let down as you had no idea you’d also need to get people to your website.

You’ve carried out your own research and it looks like there are two choices available to you.

SEO your website so it appears in the organic search results or setup a paid advertising campaign on Google or Bing.

Lets look at the pros and cons of your two options.

Let’s start with PPC or paid traffic. We’ll let you into a little secret. Regardless of whether we want to SEO or PPC a website, we always start with PPC. Why? Well once we have done our keyword research and we know what keywords we want to be found it is a good idea to test the actual searches the keywords get as Google only give you approx numbers. It is also a good idea to test how visitors that search for those keywords interact with your website. For example, if we spent the money to get 100 visitors to your website and none of them purchased, signed up for your newsletter or made an enquiry then we may have uncovered a potential issue.

You see it can take a long time to get results with SEO. Up to 18 months in many cases. We don’t want to invest our time and money for 18 months only to realise that the website doesn’t actually produce results. So we use PPC to run some test traffic to our web projects. If the website doesn’t produce any results from 100 visitors we can start to optimise our website to improve our results as we embark on the lengthy seo process.

PPC can get relevant visitors to your website within the hour making it the ideal strategy to start with. If you have a PPC campaign that generates you results at a profit then getting organic seo traffic in time will maximise the results you get for your business.