As well as working with a lot of local and national service-based business Search Exclusive also get many enquiries from blog owners and affiliate marketers.

Many of these site owners have worked really hard on their websites but are frustrated with the lack of return they are getting for their investment.

In most cases that have spent a lot of time writing and producing content for their websites.

Normally our first plan is to carry out a complete audit of their website. This includes analysing their competitors, auditing their on and off-page SEO, performing a technical audit and finally going through and evaluating their content marketing strategy.

For this topic today we are going to focus on the content audit.

So what is a content marketing audit? Well, it’s really looking at all the content that is currently on the website and see which pieces are performing, which aren’t and also putting a plan in place moving forward. The actions we’ll be taking in terms of content are adding, deleting, updating, amalgamating and also leaving be.

This content audit is like a Spring clean for the website. We are looking to prune any content on the site that is not performing. We would of course see if there is something we could do with that content to make it perform better.

Another element of SEO that we need to be mindful of is the crawl budget that is assigned to our website. A crawl budget is a time that Google allow for their search engine bots to spend on our site following links and indexing our internal page content. What we don’t want is to give Google the task of doing more work indexing pages on our site that offer no value to our target market.

There is a specific process that we can use to evaluate the content on any given website.

Some of the questions we want to ask ourselves as we view each piece of content is:

Is the content older than 6 months – yes or no?

Does this piece of content get any visitor traffic – yes or no?

If yes is the traffic from organic search – yes or no?

Does the specific content have any external or internal backlinks pointing to it?

Is the content based around a keyword that gets a reasonable amount of searches per month?

If the content has no traffic, you may want to do some keyword research to get it optimised as it may rank in time and bring in more traffic.

A page that can’t be matched up with a keyword can either be deleted or 301 redirected to a similar or relevant page.

Doing a content website is going to streamline your content and have it working better for you in terms of bringing in more organic visitor traffic.