It seems to be the holy grail of digital marketing. Being able to generate organic traffic to specific webpages on your website and have those people that visit buy your products or enquire about your services.

So how can you do just that?

Ideas for An SEO Strategy

Well, we’re going to give you a strategy for doing just that.

When you look for keywords that you would like to rank your webpages for, you want to make sure there is good commercial intent behind them. Informational keywords are always good to have and can bring a lot of eyeballs to your content. So let me ask you if you sold refurbished MacBooks, which keyword would you rather be found for? “Best Macbook for business” or “Buy Macbook Pro”? If you guessed the “buy” keyword, you guessed right! The keyword you choose will dictate how competitive your task will be and how many sales or enquiries you’ll achieve.

The reason being is that it has higher commercial intent. The person searching for a keyword like that is probably further along in the buying cycle. They have most likely already done their research and know what make and model they want to buy. If you can get your webpage that displays your MacBooks in front of people searching for this, you are going to make a reasonable amount of sales. For these types of searches, the consumer’s wallets are almost out with the credit cards at the ready.

It is also a great strategy to have webpages ranking for informational types of keywords as this allows you to build some trust, position yourself as an expert and then send them to a page in order to purchase. These information pages are a great way to warm up your audience, generate trust and expertise by actually helping them before you ask for any money. The more that you able to cover all stages in the buying cycle, the better you will be in the long run. Remember at any one time, only 1% of your market will be ready to buy now. So, work towards improving your search rankings for your ‘buying’ keywords but also take into account your informational types of keywords.

The ideal strategy is to have your informational posts rank high in Google and then have those pages move interested people to the next stage which ideally is for them to purchase your products or services. Your backlinking strategy will focus on acquiring link opportunities for those informational articles or blog posts. Your selling pages are then linked to your informational pages so that link juice power and relevancy helps them to rank high too!

We’ll have more strategies for you soon so keep your eyes peeled!