Writing content alone is a big task for many people, especially business owners. Writing seo content that people want to share, content that can attract backlinks back to your website is even harder right?

Well not always the case. When you perform a content audit on your website you will quickly see that some webpages do better than others in terms of the number of links pointing to them. Obviously if your website is relatively new you may not have any backlinks at all.

What we can do is to actually write content for the sole purpose of attracting links back to our website. This content would need to be unique, useful and in some cases practical. What you ideally want is for other entities in your industry to want to link back to it. If you can identify other authority figures or businesses in your industry and have them link back to the article on your website, then that is going to really help you. Some ideas for this content could me informational graphics, videos / images, niche related projects, interactive quizzes or a lengthy how to guide for one of the industries biggest problems.

Backlinks from quality pages are going to help your seo efforts but there is also another advantage may people forget to acknowledge. If you are managing to get links from authoritative figures or sources then there is a good chance that they have your potential customers or clients as part of their readership. The content where they link to you could have many readers that will click your link and will visit and engage with your business on your website. This can increase the number of enquiries and sales that your website generates.

So what can you do to ensure that your content will be shared on social media and linked back to? Well here are some elements to incorporate to help you do just that.

  • Make your audience look good if they take action-.
  • Write content that elicits an emotional response.
  • Create content that can be implemented practically and easily.
  • Show that the content has already been shared and it’s popular.

You can also write content that plays on the principle called “preeminence”. This was a concept devised by the great marketer Jay Abraham. The principle is basically provide a ton of value to your audience before any money changes hands. So write content that gives your reader as much value and practical advice as possible, without any worry that you are getting paid anything for it.

Writing like this will bring good things to your website and your business!