If you are like most of us, you most likely use a search engine many times during the course of a day. These days most people take it for grated but Search Exclusive’s seo experts do not. Simply search in the text box, hit search and the we’re presented with millions of webpage relative to our search query. Sometimes we forget to marvel at what just happened and happened so quickly.

Perhaps you already have a good grasp on what goes on when you hit search. But if you didn’t we’ll give you some idea of how search engines like Google work so effectively.

At a broad level a search engine like Google is made of a storehouse of information and specific computing programs called ‘algorithms’ that decide on which data from the storehouse will be displayed for a users query. There are many complexities when discussing search engine algorithms and maybe that’s something we’ll cover at a later date.

Firstly search engines like Google have to identify specific web page urls and then crawl them with their search engine spiders. That information is logged and then spiders can return to extract the information from that page and store it in a database with certain identifying factors. At this time is it also decided on how often the search engine spider will return to the webpage or website to identify any changes that may have been made since the last visit. The page is then indexed into the database or store house and is eligible to appear in the search engine results pages.

Companies like Google have invested many billions of dollars and also time into understanding language patterns and the intent behind a users search query. This also allows them to understand misspelled words and still offer the correct results based on the correct spelling. Google can also understand then when you search for one word that there are other words that mean the same thing.

Google has really become the king of the search engine world purely based on its understand, research and development when it comes to relevance. Google does this by looking at certain areas on the webpage for the searchers keywords. The places Google looks are in the domain name, the web page url, the meta title, the meta description, the headers H1 to H6, in the content and also on images. They also understand that if a specific word is searched then other related words would also be found within the document. If a searcher searched for ‘golf clubs’ Google would expect the following words to be present within the document: irons, driver, putter, cavity back, blades.

This concludes our first part on how search engines work, we’ll cover this more at a later date.