Acquiring backlinks is one of the hardest parts of SEO. Its a process and one that our search exclusive SEO company have refined over the year. Backlinks have always been a large ranking factor in Google’s search engine. Why are SEO backlinks one of the strongest search engine optimisation signals?

Well, Google tends to place a higher weight on SEO facets that are difficult for the average person to replicate. If Google rewarded the title tag on a page as the strongest factor then anyone could change their meta title and take advantage of this.

So that’s why backlinks are awarded so much power.

The Power of SEO Backlinks

Is there anything you can do to ethically replicate your competitors most common backlinks? Yes, there is!

Whatever your chosen keyword is, there are already websites ranking high for that keyword. So it would make sense to look at their backlinks because they are helping those websites be where they are.

What if some of these websites had common links from the same websites? If the majority of our competitors had a link from one particular source, chances are we may also be able to acquire a link there.

Again we’ll be using one of the best tools on the SEO market – Sign up for a free 7-day trial.

Once you have your account set up, put your domain in the search box in site explorer and click on competing domains.

This will give us a list of the domains that rank high for the keyword we want to increase our visibility for.

Start with your first competitor and put their domain back in the search box of site explorer. Then go to the backlinks tab. This will give you the following information:

  • Referring page URL
  • Anchor text of the link
  • Traffic
  • First seen or picked up

These backlinks will typically be displayed with the most powerful backlink first. So you can look at all of your competitor’s backlinks and see if you can replicate the top 10 most powerful backlinks. Chances are you won’t be able to replicate them all but even replicating 20% of all of your competitor’s backlinks is going to give you such a huge boost.

You will see varying types of backlink. Some may be guest post opportunities where you can write a piece of content for them and link that back to your website. Others may be blog comments, forum profiles, sponsored opportunities, industry directories etc.

Just be mindful as you go through this process that you don’t create too many of the same type of backlink. You don’t want for example all directory links. Ensure a good variety.

Go build some links!