It’s difficult to understand where you may be in terms of expertise in your search marketing agency. Perhaps you are still a beginner and are still learning the ropes in regards to search engines.

SEO is a complex subject and one that can take many years to master. It’s an ever-changing landscape so it really is something you need to dedicate yourself to if you want to become successful at it. It is not uncommon for SEO agencies to still be using strategies that are 10-years old! We have to clean up many of these kinds of sites that are a mess from a technical SEO standpoint.

When you have an advanced grasp of the subject there are many ways in which you can optimise that skill set in order to create monetary assets. The obvious route is to offer SEO services to local and national based businesses. Most businesses are looking for fresh new leads into their business. You can charge an ongoing monthly fee for your services for 6, 12 and 18-month contracts.

This is a very popular model and one which will require you to learn other business skills such as branding, marketing and client acquisition. Let’s not forget though that getting more qualified people to a webpage is not the be all end all. Those visitors still need to become paying clients or customers. This is where having a deep knowledge of your target market and of conversation rate optimisation comes in handy.

So what exactly is an SEO expert? It is somebody that has the skills to optimise specific web pages so that they appear high up on the first page of Google when a specified set of keywords is searched for.

SEO is not really one of those subjects you can learn through higher education. There are many courses online that you can take but most of the popular ones are on the basic side and usually contain outdated tactics and strategies. The best courses that I have taken throughout my career are ones that aren’t readily available to the public. I have found that the best courses are the ones where the creators have thousands of their own websites from which they have run hundreds of tests on. It is this real-world testing that allows them to see what works and what changes with Google’s ranking algorithm.

It is recommended that you at least set up your own website and experiment on it. This will allow you to actually practice what you learn and see how that affects your results in real-world scenarios.

Another popular way is to be recruited by a digital marketing agency. In this scenario, you will be trained by them based upon their in house SEO strategies. This can be beneficial depending on how effective their strategies are.

There are many facets of SEO and it is possible to become a proficient expert in one specific area. For example, you could become an on-page SEO expert or a backlink expert or a technical SEO expert.

Once you start your learning, you’ll soon get a feel for what specific area you have an interest in and the one you’re able to get good results in.