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A Quick Guide to Ecommerce and Shopify SEO

You decided that the next stage in your business was to build an online store. Or perhaps as an entrepreneur, you're aiming to create other income streams by building your own e-commerce online store. Unfortunately, when people do this they expect to generate sales without looking for help from a Leicester SEO agency. This leaves [...]

Digital Marketing Strategies to Get Your Website Ranking in the Search Engines

I have lost count over the years that we've offered organic SEO of the amount of business that thought that having a website was the answer to all their business and digital marketing issues. Some of these businesses have spent thousands of pounds on an all singing all dancing website. When we have a conversation [...]

Improve Your SEO Results With Internal Linking

Doesn't matter if you're an expert or a beginner SEO consultant. You may already know a lot about SEO and actually be good at getting results with it. We all know there are so many things we need to keep up with. If you were to do some simple searching online you'd soon find a [...]

How To Optimise A Website For Relevancy

I'm guessing you do know a little about seo and search as well as a broad overview of how search engine optimisation works. You may have heard many different concepts but don't really know what they mean or how to leverage them. One of the specific terms you keep hearing is 'relevance'. what the hell [...]

Overview Of How To Improve Your Search Rankings

Let's face it. SEO can be so frustrating sometimes. You can put a lot of investment into it in terms of money and time. Then end up with little to no return. What's more frustrating is that you believe you've done everything possible to get your webpages ranked in Google. Still, you're not on the [...]

Website Quality Guidelines: What Is Duplicate Website Content?

As the major search engine, Google has many different facets of its complex algorithm to decide which webpages should be shown for a query and the order in which they should be displayed. There is a core search algorithm but Google also has individual algorithms for specific purposes. Is Google Holding Your Website Back? Google [...]

How Does Google Search Engine Work? SEO Support Specialist Strategies

If you are like most of us, you most likely use a search engine many times during the course of a day. These days most people take it for granted but our Market Harborough SEO agency does not. Simply search in the text box, hit search and then we're presented with millions of webpage relative [...]

A Career in Search Engine Optimisation: Starting A SEO Agency

For whatever reason, a career in search engine optimisation seems appealing to you. You are quite set on the idea of setting up your own SEO services in order to perform SEO for other people's businesses. You know a little bit about it but not enough to give you the confidence to start your own [...]

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