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Busting Myths About Search Engine Optimisation

If you did a search on Google for a list of all the individual things you need to implement to achieve good seo visibility, you'd literally find hundreds. Many so called signals you need to be aware from backlinks, site speed, schema, number of words in your content and so on. Now many of these [...]

Overview Of How To Improve Your Search Rankings

Let's face it. SEO can be so frustrating sometimes. You can put a lot of investment into it in terms of money and time. Then end up with little to no return. What's more frustrating is that you believe you've done everything possible to get your webpages ranked in Google. Still, you're not on the [...]

Seo or Paid Ads? The Search Marketing Dilemma

You've just had a brand spanking new website built for your business that is seo ready. Way to go! You've settled the bill with your web development company, they've thanked you for your business and rode off into the sunset. Cool, so now you have a great looking website thats gathering dust on the Internet. [...]

What Is SERPS in SEO? Breaking Down Search Engine Results Pages

You may have heard of the terminology SERPS mentioned in various places during the study you do for your SEO learning listing, but what exactly does the SERPS mean? The acronym SERPS stands for Search Engine Results Page. It is basically the page that is displayed by the search engine once a user submits a [...]

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