If you did a search on Google for a list of all the individual things you need to implement to achieve good seo visibility, you’d literally find hundreds. Many so called signals you need to be aware from backlinks, site speed, schema, number of words in your content and so on.

Now many of these recommendations are not needed to achieve high visibility in Google for your keyword. That’s why over 10 years of seo expertise and implementation, we understand a handful of signals that work. We also have a good idea of the recommendations that are purely mythical.

There’s so much you can do and if you follow some of these guides you’ll just twist yourself in knots, get frustrated and then give up.

Here are some of our seo myths and misconceptions:

Build A Website and They’ll Come

Unfortunately this is a very common one. Many web designers innocently communicate that building them a website thats seo ready is all that they will need to do in order to get potential customers to their website. Business owners receive their new websites and then end up being disappointed because they had the expectation that they would be up and running. I can understand why these business owners don’t see the value in working with an experienced seo consultant. If you expect something and then is doesn’t happen and then you have to pay a lot of money for that same service, I can see why business owners are getting frustrated.

More Visitors to A Website Equals More Customers and Sales

Another misconception. There are too many people are there in the online world that are obsessed with website traffic. More website traffic, more visitors coming to your website is the holy grail. Unfortunately this just isn’t the case and something we’ve seen more times than not. It’s similar to bringing crowds of your potential customers and putting them in front of your billboard, trouble is your billboard has nothing on it. How do they know what you do, how you can help them solve their problem, why should you be trusted, why you and no the competition? The process of increasing the actions on your website that visitors take is called “conversion rate optimisation” or CRO for short. This is the process of making small changes and tweaks to your web or landing page and monitoring the actions or conversions. Before we take on any SEO project we’ll setup and run a small Google Ads campaign to the web or landing page to gauge how well it performs. You do not want to wait 9 to 18 months for a seo campaign to mature to then generate little sales from your efforts.

Content is King

Content is important but it is not king. Content can be used for many different things. Content can be used as a conversion mechanism such as a sales page, it can be used to build trust and a long term relationship, it can also be used to promote social media sharing or even as a strategy to acquire backlinks back to your page. Our advice on content is to always provide full in depth content that answers the initial questions of the visitor and helps them move further along in there journey.