I’ve been working on the website almost 4 months now.

The website had previous SEO done on it and there are a lot links with geo specific modifiers in as well as a lot of mentions of ‘pest control’, so potentially over optimised?

I have collected links from GWT, Majestic and Ahrefs and ran them through Backlinks Monitor to ensure I am looking only at links that are Dofollow, live and indexed.

Their current link profile is here

There is no manual penalty or anything like that in GWT.

The search terms I am targeting are:

Pest control East London > www.envirosafepestcontrol.co.uk
Pest control South London > www.envirosafepestcontrol.co.uk
Pest control Bromley > www.envirosafepestcontrol.co.uk/bromley-kent
Pest control Kent > www.envirosafepestcontrol.co.uk/bromley-kent
Pest control London > www.envirosafepestcontrol.co.uk (just tracking this term)

Pest Control East London has been my main focus and it has been the most unstable keyword in terms of rankings. A lot of ups and downs.

To me ‘pest control East London’ doesn’t look that competitive unless competitors are hiding their links.

Competition Metrics for ‘Pest Control East London’

East london competitors

Historic Rankings Since I started on the Campaign

pest control east london


Pest control south london


Pest control london


Pest control kent


Pest control bromley


This is what I’ve done to date …

– No indexed admin pages and pages that had less than 400 words = 21st January
– Disavowed all links that were TOX1 and TOX3 using Link Research Tools – Disavow is here
– Fixed all 404 errors = 21st January
– Submitted site map in GWT and fixed all sitemap errors = 21st January
– De optimized titles of other pages that related to search terms targeting homepage
– De-optimized homepage title = 29th January
– Checked and corrected homepage for grammar and spelling = 21st January
– Checked for broken links = none
– Checked for internal dupe content = 8{f78cb3ee02ccb66bd49dee99cb72cab5c5efdce07aab3a386292c1027a2e4cd1}
– Had a press release syndicated with brand and url link = syndicated on 29th of Jan
– Ordered social foundations package form marketers centre (order not yet fulfilled)
– Checked site speed = avg 7s
– Built some PBN links = *See below for PBN links