Why search marketing?

When people search for the types of products and services a business provides, the buying intention is very high.

When people with this research / buying frame of mind come to your website, there’s a much higher chance of them either buying your product or making an enquiry with you.

89% of consumers use a search engine to make purchasing decisions.

How much will it cost?

Two factors are taken into consideration with regards to the cost / investment for a search marketing campaign. The investment needed will be a balance between these two factors.

1: How strong the competition are and how aggressive their search marketing campaigns are.

2: The potential return a successful search campaign can deliver.

We want to ensure that we have the investment needed to successfully compete and also be able to deliver a return on investment for the businesses we partner with.

Until we understand these specifics, we cannot speculate on the investment needed.

Won’t competitors click on my Paid Ads?

Google have very sophisticated algorithms in place to make it difficult to game the system.

Google know the location of the click and the computer address the click came from. They can tell very quickly if click fraud is taking place.

What’s best paid or organic?

Both! Website’s typically receive around 3-5% of visits from paid search ads with the No1 organically listed website receiving 35-40%.

The remaining percentage of website visits are divided between website’s listed in position 2 to 10.

The lower the webpage is on the first page of search results, the less clicks or visitors it receives.

How long does SEO take?

Search engine optimisation is a long term marketing strategy.

There are two main factors that dictate how low it will take to achieve your SEO goals. Competition and search engine evaluation methods. Where there are revenue opportunities there’s usually competition.

Search engine evaluation methods ensure that a website cannot achieve high search engine placement in a short space of time for competitive search terms.

In the eyes of major search engines such as Google, they already have the best web pages sorted in the most relevant and authoritative order. If a new website wants to compete, it has to go through a lengthy evaluation process in order to earn it’s place.

For competitive markets the time it takes can vary from 9 to 18+ months.

What businesses do we work with?

The businesses that benefit the most from partnering with us are those that have specific growth objectives.

Businesses that understand the importance of marketing and have allocated marketing budgets to achieve their growth objectives.

Why does SEO take so long?

It takes time for a website or web page to go through the search engine evaluation process.

If this evaluation process were not in place, low value websites could achieve high positioning without delivering any value to the searcher.

Search engines such as Google want to deliver the most relevant, authoritative results to the searcher.

Therefore a website has to earn it’s place by passing through this lengthy evaluation process.

Can’t I just get SEO done cheaply?

Yes. There are plenty of low priced SEO options out there.

However, in most cases low value search marketing tactics are deployed which may result in your website being penalised or degraded.

Search marketing requires ongoing training, data analysis and testing. Most lower priced SEO vendors do not have the funds to implement quality search marketing strategies.

Search engines such as Google make hundreds of thousands of tweaks and updates to refine their evaluation process. A conscientious and innovative search marketing agency needs to stay on top of these changes by investing in ongoing training, testing and data analysis.

Do you provide any guarantees?

We can guarantee that as your search marketing partner a successful outcome has positive implications for both parties.

It’s essential for the future of our business that we deliver positive results.

We also guarantee that your competition will continue to move ahead.