How to Write Content for Your Website that Attracts Backlinks?

Writing content alone is a big task for many people, especially business owners. Writing seo content that people want to share, content that can attract backlinks back to your website is even harder right?

Well not always the case. When you perform a content audit on your website you will quickly see that some webpages do […]

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Quick Guide to Building Whitehat SEO Backlinks

Once you have your website setup, your keyword research complete, your keywords designated and optimised for each page and your pages optimised correctly, it’s time to get create link opportunities to increase your organic seo traffic.

There are many that will say that building backlinks is blackhat in which we agree to some degree. However when […]

Digital Marketing Funnel Basics for Your Business

Many businesses set up believing that having a good product or being good at performing a specific service is enough. When business owners approach us as a digital marketing agency in Leicester, we have to let them know gently that in today’s online environment that they need to approach things differently.

That is when we use […]

Boost Organic Traffic to Your Webpages

It seems to be the holy grail of digital marketing. Being able to generate organic traffic to specific webpages on your website and have those people that visit buy your products or enquire.

So how can you do just that?

Well, we’re going to give you strategy for doing just that.

When you look for keywords that you […]

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Three Successful Strategies for Digital Marketing

You’ve been running your bricks and mortar business for many years now and you’ve enjoyed a lot of success. Now you want to move things online. You’ve heard about search engines like Google and that digital marketing is where you need to take your business.

Now you don’t need to go all out with your digital […]

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