Small Business Marketing Ideas of the Digital Age

When a business reaches a point where the owner realises  he needs to take the business to the next level using online digital marketing strategies, a budget assessment needs to be made. Not every business is going to have a huge monthly budget required to properly engage in the services of a digital marketing agency.

The […]

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The Undeniable Proof of the Power Of SEO for Your Business

If you are serious about the long term success of your business then organic search engine traffic has got to be one of your longer term strategies. Many SEO campaigns can take a long time to start paying back. With seo in some markets taking up to 18 months to come to fruition many businesses […]

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What Are Long Tail Keywords and How Can They Get More Traffic To Your Website

We’re guessing you already know what keywords and search terms are? Well here’s a quick refresher: Keywords are the main broad terms that you will optimise your website for. Search terms generally mean the variations of the broad term. For example, a keyword could be “red shoes” and a search term could be “where to […]

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Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimisation Guide

You understand you need to do something to get your website in front of the customers that are searching Google for your products and services online.

You can see quite clearly that rivals and competitors are visible when you do a search for your keywords and quite rightly, you want a piece of that pie too!

Trouble […]

Beginners Guide to the Basics of Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation doesn’t need to be as difficult as some make it out to be. Yes there are many different so called ranking factors. So many that most would not be able to recite them all off the top of their heads. The best strategy and one we’ve deployed is to understand the few […]

Small Business SEO: The Basics

It can be a daunting thought to take your small business into the digital age. You’ve had tremendous success offline over the years, a large customer base but things aren’t the same as they were 10 or 20 years ago. Many years ago most of your business came in via the Yellow Pages and other […]

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