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How To Increase the Traffic to Your Blog

It took you years to finally get started on your blog. You finally did it and it’s been up and running for over a year now. But when you check the analytics to your website, you’re disappointed as you only a small handful of visitors coming to your blog each month. It can be frustrating […]

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Website Quality Guidelines: Duplicate Content

As the major search engine, Google has many different facets of its complex algorithm to decide which webpages should be shown for a query and the order in which they should be displayed. Their is a core search algorithm but Google also has individual algorithms for specific purposes.

There is an algorithm called the ‘page layout […]

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Simple Meta Tag Guide for Beginners

As I’m sure you’re aware, SEO is a very in depth topic that requires a lot of expertise in order to perform it proficiently. There are many different facets to search engine optimisation and each one of those also has it’s depth.

Today we are going to look at the on page elements of seo, specifically […]

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Seo or Paid Ads? The Search Marketing Dilemma

You’ve just had a brand spanking new website built for your business that is seo ready. Way to go! You’ve settled the bill with your web development company, they’ve thanked you for your business and rode off into the sunset. Cool, so now you have a great looking website thats gathering dust on the Internet.

Nobody […]

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What is Search Engine Optimisation? SEO Explained

You’ve heard the term branded about by others. In articles, YouTube videos, it’s a term you hear a lot of seo agencies using but you don’t really understand what it is and how it can benefit you and what does SEO even stand for?

If you haven’t read our other posts you may not have heard […]

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How Do Search Engines Like Google Work?

If you are like most of us, you most likely use a search engine many times during the course of a day. These days most people take it for grated but Search Exclusive’s seo experts do not. Simply search in the text box, hit search and the we’re presented with millions of webpage relative to […]

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A Career in Search Engine Optimisation: Start A SEO Agency

For whatever reason, a career in search engine optimisation seems appealing to you. You are quite set on the idea of setting up your own seo services agency in order to perform seo for other people.

You a little bit about it but not enough to give you the confidence to start your own company. So […]

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The Difference Between SEO and SEM

The digital marketing world can be so confusing sometimes. We get it, the team at our SEO agency Search Exclusive also get confused from time to time. There are so many acronyms: SEO, SEM, CRO, PPC, CPC, CTR, SERPS, DA, PA, DR, UR to name a few. Two of these acronyms get branded together as […]

Search Marketing and SEO Agency Concepts: EAT

If you’ve been doing a lot of researching and learning online in order to improve your campaigns like the searchexclusive.co.uk seo experts do, they you’ve most likely came across the concept of EAT.

So what is EAT and why should you care?

Well, the acronym stands for Authority, Expertise and Trustworthiness. It’s a concept that was first […]

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Breaking Down Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)

You may have heard the terminology SERPS mentioned in various places during the study you do for your seo company, but what exactly does it mean?

The acronym SERPS stand for Search Engine Results Page. It is basically the page that is displayed by the search engine once a user submits a query.

Within the SERP listings […]