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Increasing Visibility in Google’s Maps Listings

In a previous post we talked about local seo Leicester and the different ways your business can be listed on the first page of Google for search terms relevant to your business.

So we presume that you have followed our previous post and you have claimed your Google My Business page. If you didn’t read that […]

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A Quick Look At Local Search Engine Optimisation

As we are probably the best seo agency Leicester, we’ve worked on so many different search engine optimisation projects. From international, national and local seo projects, we understand the subtle nuances between each of them. When we refer to local seo, that can have two different meanings. One is when we say local that it’s […]

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No Cost Ways to Get Your Website Out There

I have lost count over the years that we’ve offered SEO services Leicester in Leicestershire of the amount of business that thought that having a website was the answer to all their business issues. Some of these businesses have spent thousands of pounds on a all singing all dancing website. When we have a conversation […]

Why Google PageRank is Still Important

If you have been in the seo industry for over 2 years as we with our seo agency Leicester, then you most likely remember Google’s PageRank tool bar indicator. This was a browser add on that enabled you to look at any webpage and get a score from Googles as to how much power, authority […]

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Ethically Replicate Your Competitors Best Backlinks

Acquiring backlinks is one of the hardest parts of seo. Its a process and one that our seo services in Leicester have refined over the year. Backlinks have always been a large ranking factor in Google’s search engine. Why are backlinks one of the strongest search engine optimisation signals? Well Google tend to place a […]

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How to Audit Your Websites Backlinks

When it comes to search engine optimisation, we find we ourselves doing so many different audits when we are running our seo Leicester projects. Auditing a website and it’s SEO components is an important part of the process. It helps us to identify the beneficial elements the website has and also the issues that could […]

Getting Backlinks to Your Website Without Writing Content

When it comes to Seo, for Search Exclusive’s SEO Leicester, one of the core drivers that determines whether you rank high in Google or not comes down to your backlinks. Backlinks are external votes from other websites that say things about the pages on your site that they link to.

There are many facets to a […]

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Increasing Your Website Target With A Content Audit

As well as working with a lot of local and national service based business Search Exclusive Leicester also get many enquiries from blog owners and affiliate marketers.

Many of these site owners have worked really hard on their websites but are frustrated with the lack of return they are getting for their investment.

In most cases that […]

Small Business Marketing Ideas of the Digital Age

When a business reaches a point where the owner realises  he needs to take the business to the next level using online digital marketing strategies, a budget assessment needs to be made. Not every business is going to have a huge monthly budget required to properly engage in the services of a digital marketing agency.

The […]

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The Undeniable Proof of the Power Of SEO for Your Business

If you are serious about the long term success of your business then organic search engine traffic has got to be one of your longer term strategies. Many SEO campaigns can take a long time to start paying back. With seo in some markets taking up to 18 months to come to fruition many businesses […]

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