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of Consumers Use a Search Engine to Make Purchasing Decisions
of Searchers Never Search Past Page One
of Searches Visit the No 1 Positioned Website in Google


Major Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are already part of our normal daily lives. We use them to find information on products, services and to make decisions as to who we’ll do business with.

Today consumers are more likely to trust information from Search Engines than from friends, family and colleagues.


Organic Search Marketing


Organic search delivers the most qualified, high in commercial intent based visitor traffic to your website.

Attaining the highest positions in organic search increases brand awareness, visits to key pages, content engagement and return on your marketing investment.

With paid search marketing capturing around 5% of search traffic in the average market, organic search traffic captures the other 95%.

Organic search marketing delivers long term, stable and incremental improvements in your businesses visibility.

35% of searchers will click on and visit the No1 listed website so investing in the right organic search partner is critical to attaining the highest visibility.

Not everyone has the expertise, knowledge and resources to increase your business revenue using organic search traffic.

Our experienced search algorithm experts will design and implement a bespoke organic search campaign to help your business achieve it’s business growth targets.

Paid Search Marketing


When looking for information, products or services online what do you do? You search using Google, Bing, Yahoo or your favourite search engine.

Paid search marketing is a huge opportunity for any business to position their products and services in front of people that need them right now.

That means qualified, targeted visitors to your website who are ready to interact with your business.

Using paid search, your business can capture around 5% of searches that are being conducted in your market or industry.

Get your business in front of qualified customers within an hour or two.

Track, measure and report on metrics such site visits, activity on key pages, sales and phone enquiries so you can make better decisions on your marketing spend.

Our experienced, certified team will work tirelessly to ensure your campaign continues to reduce your customer and sales acquisition costs, resulting in healthier profit margins.


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More Qualified Website Visits

We position your website in a way that gets more qualified, targeted visitors that are ready to engage with your business.

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Increased Sales & Enquiries

Additional visits from qualified visitors means more time engaging with your content, an increase in product sales and business enquiries.

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Business Growth Targets Hit

We’ll implement a search marketing strategy that will help you achieve your business and revenue goals.


Step One:

We start with understanding your business targets and goals in terms of website visits, engagement, enquiries, sales and revenue. We then create a specific campaign designed to deliver that outcome.

Step Two:

It’s crucial to identify the most profitable opportunities in your market. We’ll get specific on your ideal audience, what your competitors are up to as well as the terms your ideal audience is searching for.

Step Three:

Specific web pages are selected for each group of search terms. Once chosen we’d ensure these pages are correctly optimised and ready for our off-page strategies. Analytics tracking is also setup.

Step Four: 

The real heavy lifting starts in this phase. We’ll ensure your web pages are associated with trusted, relevant & powerful neighbours. This increases your website’s relevance for your chosen search terms.

Step Five:

After we’ve gathered data, campaign optimisation begins to increase sales, enquiries and engagement. Reward for other relevant search terms can be focused on to further increase website visitors.

Search Exclusive really stood out for me when we were looking for someone to take our company to the next level. They understand SEO from a very high level and know exactly what is working in search engine marketing. We look forward to working on future projects with them

Anders Jensen
Managing Director at Siam Interact

If you are looking to increase your websites sales and revenue using search engine marketing, the I highly recommend you talk to Matt at Search Exclusive. The experience has been professional and transparent right from the moment we started. Will definitely recommend.

Glenn Herbert
Marketing Consultant

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Search Exclusive on a number of seo projects and they are a professional search marketing agency through and through. If your business could do with a boost of relevant online customers, Search Exclusive are the company to talk to.

Daniel Moscovitch 
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We view our role as one that supports you and your business goals and aspirations.

Unfortunately, many marketing agencies provide their ‘expertise’ in isolation to the business they’re working with.

Their campaign results may look fantastic to them but without impacting sales and revenue objectives, an investment quickly becomes a cost.

We have no need to dazzle you with jargon and we’re not your typical ‘sales people’.

We’re a bunch of talented, jolly, passionate search marketing folk that get sadly excited about we they do, which first and foremost is, helping you to grow your business.

Our search campaign strategies are designed to generate sales and revenue within the short and long term, focusing on delivering you a return on your marketing investment as quickly as possible.

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